Monstar Sludge 500ml (1 Case)

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Monstar Sludge 500ml


self Seal Benefits


Compatible with,All mountain bikes ,bicycles, electric bikes , on road and off road motorcycles, passenger vechiles and all and commercial industrial vechiles. It is required that all sealants are tested before use and again after 25 000 miles of use .This affirms that the sealant will not cause problems later. Monstar Sludge self Seal has been extensively tested, the rust inhibitors and anti-bacteriostats present in self Seal ensures that it is total harmony with all elements present in tyres and ensures compatibility.

Dependable and Reliable
The integrity of the product is guaranteed by producing documentation as proof that our product meets and exceeds the specifications of any fleet operator during inspection.

self Seal is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and is also biodegradable making it environmentally safe, part of our green initiative.

Whats in the box: 24 Units x 500ml bottles

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